Gifts for Geeks and Nerds – Deck the Halls Edition

Fellow geeks and nerds of the w’rld, Christmas is coming! The gift-giving season is apace approaching and with less than 50 days hence until Christmas, it might be a valorous idea to start thy shopping or at least w’rk on thy list. If ‘t be true thee has a geek ‘r a nerd in thy life, this is the right gift list f’r thee. Delighteth yourself with these gl’rious treasures!

Gifts for Geeks and Nerds Deck the Halls Edition

1. Game of Thrones Makeup Brush Set – $12+

A Game of Thrones 8 piece makeup brush set? Please take my money. The set includes a powder brush, highlighter brushes and eyeshadow brushes inside a super cool faux leather roll, velvet pouch box, and a box. There are 3 color sets to choose from: Rose Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The brand selling the brush sets, Koobox Bits & Bobs, has also a Hogwarts version available.

FREE SHIPPING | Game Of Thrones Makeup Brushes Make up Brush Set Season Handles

8 Piece makeup brush set. Includes: A Powder Brush, Highlighter brushes & Eyeshadow Brushes Set includes: Velvet Pouch Optional Box & Faux Leather Roll 💡 DETAILS: 15.5-18.5cm 3 Colour Options FREE SHIPPING 💌


2. Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – $19.99

Now you can cook with your favorite droid. R2-D2 not only will help you get your recipes right but he will look amazing on your kitchen counter. You can get this little guy for only $20 on Amazon.

3. Wonder Woman Makeup Bag – $39.99

Not long ago, I came across the NotYourMamasBag’s store on Etsy and I fell in love with these makeup bags. I couldn’t find one negative review and several customers claim the bags are well made. If you’re not into Wonder Woman, they have other models available such as Harley Quinn, Lannister (GoT), Targaryen (GoT), Captain America, and Black Panther!

Original Wonder Woman/Makeup bag/Superheroes cosmetic bag/Justice League /Classic Wonder Woman costume makeup bag/Great cancer survivor gift

AMAZON PRINCESS– Keep your items safe with this bag based on Themyscirias best warrior! Created from the original Wonder Womans classic outfit and equipped with the Lasso of Truth, this bag is perfect for all your needs. The zipper pull is her signature double W logo and the easy to

4. Superhero Shelf – $27.95

A Supershelf is all you need. These shelves are available on Amazon and they look super cool. If your Red Room has more of a Kapow style, the supershelf will look great on your wall. You have several styles to choose from. Check them out HERE.

5. Game of Thrones Pen Bag – $21

The Game of Thrones Pen Bag is just the perfect accessory for all Westerosi Lords and Ladies. The pen bags are made of artificial leather and includes a House charm. This is a perfect gift for (nerdy) students.

Game of Thrones Houses, A song of ice and fire, pen bag, pen case, pen roll, makeup bag, Makeup Brush Rolls,pen holder,cool gift for student

Game of Thrones Pen Bag in handmade – approx. 205mm*31mm Please, according to House type to choose. Thank you! All our items are made to order. Please allow up to 3 business day to make them.

6. Harry Potter Scarf Camera Strap – $62

This item is handmade with Italian leather, military grade buckles, and a licensed Harry Potter scarf. Release your inner wizard with this stylish camera strap and hop on the Hogwarts Express!

Harry Potter Scarf Camera Strap w Quick Release Buckles – 1.5- 2 inches wide – Gryffindor or Hufflepuff or Slytherin or Ravenclaw * Licensed

Striped in your favorite houses colors, our Harry Potter Gryffindor House Scarf Camera Strap is so dang awesome! Are you courageous, chivalrous, and determined? Then this camera strap is for you! We love shooting photos, but hate those ugly, black, generic camera straps. We designed a strap

7. Hot-Cold Zombie Mug – $15.95

This is the perfect gift for The Walking Dead fans. This mug will display a disturbing zombie while your beverage is hot and fades to black when it’s cold. You can also find a darn cool Game of Thrones’ Many-Faced God version on Amazon.

8. Kotobukiya Art FX Statues – From $30 to $150

The Kotobukiya’s action figures have been part of my household for several years. Every other Christmas or birthday, I gift a Kotobukiya figure to my nerdy soulmate. His collection is slowly growing and since his home office is Marvel themed, they are amazing décor pieces to display. The statues are very well made and they come with a magnetic base. You can purchase these figures on Amazon but be aware of the price. They run between $30 and $150, depending on the figure.


9. Queen Lagertha Earrings – $23.62

I am very particular about my jewelry but these Lagertha earrings definitely caught my attention. These tribal dangle earrings are to-die-for.

AVAILABLE Vikings Queen Lagertha Warrior Silver Ethnic Tribal Disc Dangle Earrings // Ancient Dark Ages TV Show Earrings // Made In France

Vikings Queen Lagertha Warrior Silver Ethnic Tribal Disc Dangle Earrings // Ancient Dark Ages TV Show Earrings // Made In France INTERNATIONAL BUYERS, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE STANDARD SHIPPING IS WITHOUT TRACKING (99% safe and reliable). YOU CAN CHOOSE A SHIPPING WITH TRACKING IN THE

10. Geek Candles  – The Shire, Butterbrew, and Dragon Eggs – From $23 to $45

Everybody like candles. They are pretty, they smell good and they can bring a sense of peace. When you have a “Dragon Egg” candle, a “Star Trek: Vulcan Pon Farr” candle, a “The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell” candle or a “Hunger Games: The Boy with the Bread” candle you are just step above. You are officially part of the geek realm and your fellow geeks will ask where in the world you got this? Don’t tell and keep the secret to yourself. Just gift them!

Soy Candles – Set of 3 – Choose your scents! | Fandom Candles | Geek Gift Idea

Gift Box included in all orders** Hand poured all natural soy wax candles in beautiful 16 oz. apothecary jars. Available in many fresh and delicious scents! Geek candles from all your favorite fandoms! The soy wax I use is all natural. It is a sustainable and renewable


Handmade Khaleesi Dragon Egg candles, Game of Thrones Dragon eggs, Ritual candles, egg of life candle, Wicca Halloween decor, carved candle

Welcome to The Muse Creations These are my special Khaleesi Dragon Egg collection. Also known as the egg of life ritual candles Very well used for meditation Rituals Goddess enchanting These beautiful eggs come in a selection of 4 standard wish colors. If you would like a custom

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