5 Interesting Items You Can Find on Amazon

I have been an Amazon shopper since early 2015, and after several years, I came across a handful of interesting items that normally you wouldn’t think about buying online. I had my doubts at first but after trying them, I just wish I had them sooner. In my opinion, the majority of these products should be a gift to yourself however, don’t let this stop you from gifting these to someone else – you make your own rules! Check out these 5 interesting and useful items I found on Amazon in the last few months that are now part of my household.

5 Interesting Items You Can Find on Amazon

1. Fairy Lights Photo Clips

I received these lights just a few weeks ago and since I had my Christmas decorations on the works, they just looked perfect in my living room. I placed the lights string across my mantel with the Christmas stockings and other decorations so I could display all the Christmas cards. For the last few years, I had the cards all bundled on a Christmas shutter but It was hard to see them since the shutter was easily crowded with cards. The Fairy Lights saves me a ton of space, it displays the cards clearly, and I can use it year-around.  Once the Holidays are over, I will move them to my bedroom so I can hang pictures, cards and notes. You can chose from Steady On or Flashing modes, takes 3 AA batteries, and has a lifetime warranty. So pretty!


2. Wall Mounted Hanging Jewelry Rack

I felt like I scored a great deal with this jewelry rack after spending weeks trying to find the perfect organizer for my jewelry and some of my makeup. This rack has 4 pieces: a rack with hooks, a rack with pegs, another rack with 21 storage slots, and a long basket. The rack is sturdy enough to hold all the weight and super easy to hang on the wall but I will suggest to use thicker nails for extra support. It’s a beautiful piece that will look great in your bedroom. $29.99 with free shipping that will last you a lifetime.


3. AugeCase iPhone 7 Plus Case/iPhone 8 Plus Case

This is another product that it turned out to be a pleasant surprise and I highly recommend. There are a lot of phone cases in Amazon and it’s hard to pinpoint which ones will truly protect your phone. Look no further; this case will do the job for only $9.99. It is made with hard plastic and the edges are made with TPU (a class of polyurethane plastics with many properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion). It also includes a plastic screen protector that will protect the glass screen from scratches and keep it clean at all times. The case has a great grip and a snug fit for iPhones 7 and 8 Plus.


4. Floating Shelf with Tempered Glass

A year ago, me and my husband purchased a home and after moving all the furniture into the living room, I realized this room wasn’t that spacious. I immediately started working on ways to remove the big bulky items. The first one to go was the huge TV stand we had for years and this floating shelf was the right replacement. It holds the cable box, power cords, DVD player and at one point we also had a game console. It’s very well made and looks great on the wall, under our TV. It was another great find in Amazon and I do not regret spending $34.99 in this product.


5. Knit Cardigan

I don’t buy many clothes in Amazon only because buying new brands without trying them first can be a little “scary” to me. I took the risk when I spotted this pretty knit cardigan and I wore it the very next day it arrived. It’s comfortable, pretty, and keeps you warm. I wear it with casual and formal attires. Great to have it in the office at all times when it’s a little chilly. I love it so much that I will be purchasing another one for my mom for her birthday. It can make a great Christmas gift too!! You have 8 colors to choose from and sizes up to XXL. It is worth every penny!


Disclaimer: I was provided with 2 of these products in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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