10 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

If you are a makeup enthusiast or someone like me, that likes to wear the occasional natural makeup look, makeup tips and tricks are always welcome. I’m no beauty guru but I’ve learned a lot after spending hours of my free time experimenting and watching YouTube videos of famous makeup artists. The following tips have been part of my makeup routine for the last two years. They will drastically improve your finished look and keep your skin healthy.

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  1. Find the Perfect Foundation

Proper lighting and positioning is a major factor for enhancing sales in department stores. They create an inviting and appealing space but ambient lighting can affect your choice of foundation. Next time you visit your favorite store smear 3 to 4 dots of your chosen foundation shades on the side of your face and walk outside. Grab your compact mirror to compare them to make your final decision!


  1. Know Your Chemistry

Makeup products can be silicone-, water- or oil-based. Avoid a recipe for disaster and do not mix a water-based with a silicone-based product. Use products that have the same base. If ingredients contain words that end in –cone/-methicone, and –siloxane, this is most probably a silicone-based product. These ingredients are usually listed at the very beginning of the list.Water-based makeup products may also contain these same ingredients but you won’t find them anywhere near the top of the list. Water is usually listed as the first ingredient.Oil-based makeup products are rare however if you own one of these products, you will easily find oils listed in the ingredients such as Decyl Oleate or Lanolin Oil.


  1. Bounce with a Makeup Blender

Makeup blenders revolutionized the beauty industry. Although some foundations work better with brushes, the overwhelming majority will tell you that a makeup blender is the best tool you can have.  These blenders are designed to absorb water so you must wet your sponge to avoid absorbing your foundation as well. You want your sponge to be damp – always squeeze out the excess moisture. Don’t spread and smear your makeup, you must dab the product on your skin when using this tool.


  1. Hyaluronic Acid the Key

Hydrating mists or makeup setting sprays should be an important step of your makeup routine. Next time you purchase a setting spray, make sure hyaluronic acid is listed as an ingredient. The “goo” molecule is a powerful moisture-binding ingredient that keeps skin plump, hydrated and young-looking.


  1. Work That Brush!

When applying any makeup product with a brush, hold the very end of it. You will have slightly less control but a much softer touch that’ll give you a more natural finish. You should use very light pressure when sweeping across the various areas of your face. Tap the excess off the brush before applying.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Neck

Match your foundation to your neck to achieve the most natural look. If you think your foundation might be too light, apply a touch of bronzing powder and blush on the neck and chest. Use a circular motion to buff the makeup into the skin. Don’t forget to apply foundation in your ears too!


  1. Conceal the Right Way

After applying your foundation, is now time for the concealer! Draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek to conceal dark circles and puffy eyes the right way.  Don’t forget to conceal your nose, middle of the forehead, the cupid’s bow and on the chin. Also dab your concealer on any acne, dark, scars or birthmarks spots. Finish with loose powder to even your skin tone.


  1. Don’t Pump Your Mascara

Instead of pumping the mascara wand, twist it out of the tube. Pumping your mascara will push air into the tube, which will make the mascara dry out faster, causing clumping and flaking. Pumping your mascara will also promote bacterial growth.


  1. Check Expiration Dates

Ever noticed a small open jar with a number and letter on your makeup labels? These are the expiry dates. If the expiry date says “12M” means you should use the product for 12 months after opening. Also, to make sure the cosmetics you apply are safe and effective use your senses – odd smells and discoloration usually indicates high levels of bacteria and it’s time to toss it away!


  1. Match Your Blush with Your Lipstick

Blush and lipstick are meant to coexist in harmony and work together to balance out a stunning look. Match your bright colored lipstick with a soft blush of the same color – Red lipstick should be paired with a pink-red blush. Nude lipsticks should be used with a blush that has an earth warm tone. Always keep this rule in mind!


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