About half of my recent Amazon purchases ended up being a complete flop but the five items below made the list for this post series that will inevitably continue to grow. There are no themes or guidelines here – you will find a mix of household items and beauty products that were tested prior to the publication of this post and are now part of my household.

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Copy of 5 Interesting Items You Can Find on Amazon.png

1. Premium 11 PCS Synthetic Bamboo Brush Set – $10.45

You might be surprised when you have your hands on these bamboo brushes. I bought this set for the bigger brushes but all of them work wonders. They are soft, they have a balanced weight, and they don’t shed. The fluffy powder, kabuki, and blush brushes are the ones I now reach for in my makeup routine. For $10.45 you will get 11 brushes, a makeup sponge and a cute mesh bag. What a great find!



2. Concealer – $7.79 and Foundation – $10.97

The L’Oréal Pro-Matte Foundation and the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer are the best drugstore makeup duo to achieve that balanced-looking skin we all want. Both products are water-based so you should be able to blend with no issues. They made the Interesting Items list mostly because of the savings you will get when ordering them from Amazon. You can get these two makeup products much cheaper than the drugstore even if you do a one-time purchase. To get the free shipping, I had to pair the foundation and concealer with other makeup products. You can save up to 15% if you chose monthly auto-deliveries. This concealer and foundation is highly recommended by customers and the most popular YouTube beauty gurus.


3. Lint Brush – $18.99

Part of being a pet owner is dealing with the seasonal shedding (Hello Spring?). The continuous cycle of hair growth is completely natural however it might trigger allergy symptoms. Pet dander can settle in all the corners of your home and if you suffer from dog or cat allergies, keep your home clean and your pet out of your bedroom at all times. Pet hair sticks on everything and what most bothers me is spotting pet hair on my clothes. For several years I’ve purchased disposable lint rollers until I discovered this particular lint brush. This tool is easy to use, durable and it comes with a travel-size version. This reusable lint brush is also environment-friendly and you will save you money on the long-run. If you own a pet and you want to keep those hairs at bay, this is a must-have.

lintroller copy.jpg

4. Digital Meat Thermometer – $15.99

Grilling season is almost here and what better way to prepare that perfect steak we all look forward to? With the help of this Digital Meat Thermometer of course! The high-precision sensor in the thermometer leaves no room for mistakes and within 3 seconds you will know if it’s time to delight your guests with your cooking skills.  This thermometer is waterproof and easy to use on the grill, with hot beverages or in baked goods.


5. Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer – $11.99

Not only this over-the-door hanger organizes your shoes but just about anything else that requires storage. Keep your home clutter free and use it to store cleaners, toys, beauty products, brushes, school supplies or cords. Use it on your pantry’s door to stack spices and snacks and in your garage to store spray paint and tools. If your home has limited outdoor space, use this organizer to grow a beautiful hanging garden. Check out my Pinterest Board for storage and DYI projects for your home.

organizer.jpgDisclaimer: I was provided with 3 of these products in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.



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