Why Dark Phoenix is Destined To Be a Forgettable Flop

Having watched the X-men film franchise come to life on the screen back in 2000, to seeing it re-energized in 2011 with the release of X-men: First Class, I had mixed emotions with the release of the new Dark Phoenix trailer this past week. This film franchise has seen it’s share of really good (Logan), to really bad (X-men: The Last Stand). My prediction is this will be flop of epic proportions that may even give the brass of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) pause as to where to go next with the X-men. I have valid reasons that will help me prove my point of why this movie will be a failure.

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The last movie was bad, which could lead to poor box office ticket sales

Let’s face it…Age of Apocalypse was a bad movie. The idea was good, but where it failed was not taking a big bad like Apocalypse and giving him the same CGI treatment the MCU gave Thanos. Nothing wrong with finding a good actor to serve as the voice and model of a larger than life villain and then letting the computer take care of making him actually look larger than life, but weather due to budget or just poor choices, Oscar Issacs’s lackluster portrayal quite frankly ruined what could have been a great third film in the franchise. Memory of how bad this movie was will most likely leave a lot of fans waiting for the home movie version.

The timeline and ages of the core characters are not realistic

X-men: First Class was supposedly set in 1963, and Dark Phoenix is now supposedly set in 1992…a 29-year gap. For the benefit of the doubt, let’s suppose that James McAvoy’s Professor X and Fassbender’s Magneto were in their early 20’s during the first film…that would put them in their early 50’s for Dark Phoenix. Based on the trailer, is anyone buying that Jennifer Lawrence or any of the original characters from First Class are age appropriate? Why the need for this film franchise to span across decades when it’s obvious your core talent is all in their 20’s and 30’s? This is where franchises like Star Wars and the MCU are shining is respecting timelines and not treating the audience like we are idiots.

Why spoil a huge death with release of the trailer?

This seems like a desperate move to me. It’s almost as if Fox believes this movie will not perform well so they throw out the stupid idea of spoiling a huge death in the trailer and early interviews to get buzz. Typically, a huge character death in a movie brings shock value during opening weekend and buzz after the movie’s release to gain audience traction. Fox is betting we will want to know more by teasing this now. I’m not buying it. If this is such a big movie with a great story, no need to spoil it for me before it even begins.

There is little hope for the future

The Fox acquisition by Disney is all but a done deal. While the brass running Disney and the MCU have stated that the X-men and mutants will show up at some point, it is most likely a certainty that everything will be re-booted. This means that this is most likely the last movie set in this X-men universe. I equate seeing this movie to watching a non-playoff college bowl game. It might be entertaining, but in the grand scheme of things it means nothing so what’s the point?

This has been done before

The great thing about Days of Future Past was it was something different. Merging two different realities into one. Even Age of Apocalypse, as bad as it was, at least brought in a new big bad that had not been used before. Yes, the Dark Phoenix storyline from the comics is an all time great…and yes, Brett Ratner’s version ruined it on film, but that doesn’t mean we need to see it all over again. I get it…you have Sansa Stark who is immensely popular right now due to Game of Thrones…so why not put her front and center and try and rack in some cash while she’s hot, but with so many other great storylines to choose from, this just seems tired and lazy to reboot.

With 11 films in the books, there are both good and bad things about the Fox X-men film franchise that any novice or even rabid fan of the mutant universe can agree or disagree on. The good – Deadpool films; Evan Peters portrayal of Quicksilver; Logan; Days of Future Past; and the original 2000 X-men film. The bad…, where do we even begin…but for true fans, you know what they are, even if you don’t want to admit it.

Dark Phoenix will most likely be an end to his almost two decades old universe. Will the film be entertaining? Most likely. Regardless of how entertaining it will be though, there are just too many issues preceding and following it’s release to make it worth while to add to the “must see in theater’s list” this movie season.

– Sugar Muffin’s Hubby

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