Beauty Gurus – The YouTube Channels You Must Watch

Makeup is much more than conceal your dark circles and hide other imperfections, it’s considered an art form. For the last 5-7 years, the makeup industry suffered an exponential growth and significant improvements giving customers the opportunity of purchasing the effective cosmetics we all use and love today. Customers are more aware of the ingredients, therefore staying away from toxic chemicals. Makeup is not an exclusive routine for women these days – more men are also wearing makeup. This makeup boom just keeps growing and thanks to the internet, we can gather as much information before making the final decision in what product we should invest in.

YouTube’s beauty community is here to guide us and I’m here to share my favorite channels.

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Tati Westbrook

Since 2010, Tati has been sharing her beauty secrets, makeup tips and everything in-between. The former child actress releases new videos three times a week and it ranges from drugstore cosmetics to $250 foundation jars.  I love Tati for her honest and non-sponsored reviews regardless of the price tag or the brand. Tati also does a terrific job in showing us new makeup releases, and she always keeps her makeup simple, classy and beautiful.

Due to reent events , James Charles mention has been removed.

Jeffree Star

“Hi, how are ya?” – If the internet had a royal family, the matriarch would be Queen Jeffree Star. Star has an extensive background in music, modeling, and he is also a skilled makeup artist. By 2006, Jeffree was the most followed person on Myspace, a platform that he often used to promote his music. After Star left the music industry, he used his life savings to start his own makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and dedicate more time promoting his makeup line on YouTube.  Star’s channel also features affordable to high-end makeup products – if a product is Jeffree Star approved, expect it to be sold out the very next day.

Star has a unique way to connect with his audience but we all live for his eccentricity and blinding highlighter.


You will have a blast watching this artist. Nikkie de Jager is super funny, positive and a go-getter. This makeup genius made into my subscription box after watching her Wonder Woman makeup tutorial which blew my mind away. Nikkie has the talent to show the power of makeup by revealing extreme transformations, artistic and subtle looks. Watching De Jager’s channel is also a great way to learn about new and popular products used overseas – Nikkie is Dutch!

Special Mention – Portuguese Beauty Influencers

Rita Serrano

It was a long road for me to find a Portuguese beauty vlogger that I could truly enjoy to watch and follow. Unfortunately bigger Portuguese influencers lack…a lot, but I was fortunate to find Rita Serrano’s channel. Rita’s approach is fresh; she keeps it real and has no issues in sharing a negative opinion. Makeup, hair, and healthy lifestyle tips makes Serrano’s channel a steady, growing success. It is obvious that this Portuguese influencer loves what she does by her dedication to the channel and the content she reviews. Rita uploads new videos Monday through Friday – keep those videos coming Rita!

Ines Mocho

I am a new subscriber to this channel but it looks promising. Mocho is a professional makeup artist with a great personality. You will find makeup transformations, sexy looks and reviews on familiar brands such as Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs, Fenty, Anastasia Beverly Hills and so on. I am here for the ride so let’s see if Ines keeps that creativity flowing.

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