5 Interesting Items You Can Find on Amazon

I have been an Amazon shopper since early 2015, and after several years, I came across a handful of interesting items that normally you wouldn’t think about buying online. I had my doubts at first but after trying them, I just wish I had them sooner. In my opinion, the majority of these products should be a gift to yourself however, don’t let this stop you from gifting these to someone else – you make your own rules! Check out these 5 interesting and useful items I found on Amazon in the last few months that are now part of my household.

5 Interesting Items You Can Find on Amazon

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Dogs 101: Grooming Your Dog is Important

If you are a pet parent, you should always try to make some time to attend your pet’s grooming needs. Brushing your dog’s fur and his teeth are very important grooming tasks that should be in your weekly to-do list. A clean and healthy coat is an important part of keeping your pupper happy and having a house with less dog hair to clean. Follow the tips below with the right tools and meet the handsome model for this post, my super high energy 3-year old Beagle, Jack!

Just kidding. Here's a card instead. We're proud of you!

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Beauty Deals for Black Friday 2018

Urban Decay, MAC, Clinique, Lancôme, Tarte, and Bare Minerals are just a few of the great brands that you will be able to spot on the cosmetics deals for the 2018 Black Friday.Macy’s, Ulta and Sephora will be offering amazing deals on top-of-the-line brands. Belk is not too far behind but this year, Belk Beauty cosmetics line is taking the front stage for the best deals. If you are looking for a special fragrance, Macy’s and Belk will be your best bet. As you scroll below, you will find a variety of hair appliances, gift sets, and everything beauty-related. After turkey day, there is only one thing to do: shop ’til you drop. A good way to exercise too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beauty Deals for Black Friday 2018(1).png

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Pumpkin Crunch

It is only acceptable to eat pumpkin-related foods during the Fall. I’ve been making this dessert for years and it’s always a success. Easy to make and utterly delicious, the Pumpkin Crunch will please your crowds’ taste buds. You can prepare and refrigerate the wet ingredients the day prior but I strongly suggest to bake this dessert in the same day you are serving it. Remember to let it cool down for 3-4 hours before serving it to your guests. The top layer has a delicious crunch and the bottom will have a sweet pie consistency. All together is a party in your mouth. Oh and while you bake it, your whole house will smell amazing!

Pumpkin Crunch

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Sweet Potato-Pecan Casserole

It is a great time to start sharing some of my favorite recipes since this is the start of the baking season. I personally like simple but delicious recipes and one of my most-liked casseroles is the Sweet Potato-Pecan. This dish is perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings and it’s a Southern staple, mainly in North Carolina.

While white potatoes are lower in fat and sugar, sweet potatoes have fewer carbs and calories. Also while sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A and vitamin C, white potatoes contain more protein and fiber. There is no clear winner in this battle and just everything else, the secret is to eat your potatoes in moderation.

Sweet Potato-Pecan Casserole (1).jpg

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Best Christmas Light Displays in Western N.C.

Feeling all jolly? With Christmas being around the corner, you don’t want to miss these amazing light displays across the N.C. Piedmont region. Some of these breathtaking displays are the best in the state. Since it’s the beginning of November, many of these festive events are still in preparations for the season. With plenty of time to plan and prepare your Grinch-type siblings for this adventure, schedule a weekend trip with your family and spend the evening admiring the fairy lights and cherishing the moment. Eggnog and hot chocolate might be included!

Enjoy the nightlife (1)

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Gifts for Geeks and Nerds – Deck the Halls Edition

Fellow geeks and nerds of the w’rld, Christmas is coming! The gift-giving season is apace approaching and with less than 50 days hence until Christmas, it might be a valorous idea to start thy shopping or at least w’rk on thy list. If ‘t be true thee has a geek ‘r a nerd in thy life, this is the right gift list f’r thee. Delighteth yourself with these gl’rious treasures!

Gifts for Geeks and Nerds Deck the Halls Edition

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